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What if these aren’t big floods?

Within hours of floodwaters washing along Carson Valley byways on Wednesday, Douglas County commissioners proved they’d learned a lesson from last year’s flooding.

Where last summer it took weeks to declare a disaster, on Wednesday it took hours. We hope that the promptness of the disaster helps make a difference in how the state responds, but we know that residents expect action out of the county, and the county has responded.

We’re not certain what the state will do with Douglas County’s declaration, if anything.

Last year’s flooding damage was around $1 million, which was not sufficient for the state to declare a disaster.

This year’s flooding was a little different from the deluge that struck Hot Springs Mountain on July 20, 2014, and then Fish Springs on Aug. 6, 2014.

Those thunderstorms were more isolated and their flooding more localized.

These storms were the culmination of more than a week’s worth of wet weather that started with the beginning of July.

Back when it was just washing out the Genoa Americana Festival, people were philosophical, recognizing that in the drought we needed rain.

Every day this week started with a flash flood watch and saw multiple emergency alerts as heavy moisture and unstable air conspired to bring a deluge somewhere in Western Nevada.

We’ve been told that the floods from last summer were 100-plus year events, rare 1-in-100 incidents rather than regular occurrences.

But the possibility that these are more frequent events makes us wonder what a real 100-year storm look like?