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What happened to FISH?

The Riedels


What happened to you? My family has been a regular buying customer for years. We bought from there to be able to save money on clothing needs for our children. We knew we could get nice, good clothing for our children and shoes for an affordable price.

We decided after hearing the fights that take place in the back of the store between the two women, it was not a nice place to be anymore.

The last time we went in, a lady ahead of us was checking out and was all but told that she put a different price on the item. The woman behind the register said she knew she had priced the item higher. The manager comes out and an argument ensued in which both completely turned away from the customer to argue about the item. The lady was completely embarrassed and we were embarrassed for her too. We put our things on the counter and left, never to return.

Are these new prices a company decision? Are they the manager’s decision? No matter where it came from it was a bad decision. I can understand some prices going up, but needs? Clothing, coats, shoes, blankets? Thanks to your new policy, I now can go to most retail shops and buy new for the same price or lower.

We did not want to do that. We liked knowing we were helping our community by buying from F.I.S.H. and being able to live within our budget as we also are considered poor.