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West Coast Martial Arts students test for Black Belt

Record Courier Staff Reports

Six students from West Coast Martial Arts School recently tested for their Black Belts at the West Coast Martial Arts headquarters in San Jose, Calif.

The two day testing ended just before midnight on a Saturday after an all day rigorous testing session and two hour performance in front of about 3,000 people followed by a grueling two hour intense physical endurance course.

Leading the testing was Black Belt Hall of Fame Master Instructor Ernie Reyes, Sr. recently voted one of the top martial arts Masters of the 20th century.

Their instructors Master George Fujii and Head Instructor Joey York say, “These are some of our top students and they are in great shape.

They are hard workers and have great character and know how to respect and help others which is the most important part of the arts.

We are proud of how they represented our school. They are great role models for others in our community.”

West Coast Martial Arts is known for its diverse and creative system of mixed martial arts. The students tested in many areas of martial arts training such as sparring, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Eskrima stick fighting, boxing, kicking, forms and katas, physical endurance, board breaking, and a written essay test.

The group has been getting in the best shape of their lives and helping teach classes almost six days a week for months in preparation for this important goal.

Les Wilson was also recommended for best tester in his respective group out of 250 -plus testers, which is a great accomplishment.