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We’re still a small town

Do you enjoy working with five bosses, who have differing views on how the county should be run?

Are you ready for a bewilderingly public hiring and review process?

Then you might be a good candidate for Douglas County manager.

Nevada’s open meeting law treats executive employees like Douglas County’s manager or school superintendent or library director or, yes, even Genoa town manager, as public figures.

They’re hired in public, they’re evaluated in public, and sometimes they are pilloried in public.

Folks who hold the positions of county manager or school superintendent easily pull down six figures of taxpayer-generated money.

That’s why it made our hearts sing when during the debate over hiring the next county manager, Commissioner Barry Penzel suggested all the candidates’ names should be revealed.

Of course, he didn’t win that battle, but we appreciate his fighting it, nonetheless.

It’s long been our contention that those seeking to lead our institutions should know on the front end that they will be diving into a fish bowl, and people love to tap on the glass.

We agree we don’t really need to know the name of every single person who applies for the job of county manager. However, we should know the name of every qualified person who applies.

How else can we, the public, know that the hiring process for a $180,000 a year employee is fair and open?

More importantly, whomever the county hires is going to find themselves working and living in a small community, which means they’re going to have to be extra careful in their dealings with residents.