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Welcome to Carson Valley Days

It has been 60 years since Carson Valley Day added an “S” to its name and more time to the schedule.

Saturday, marks the 60th Carson Valley Days to be celebrated in a row, making it the most consistent of Douglas County events.

Founded in 1910 as a celebration of Minden-Gardnerville’s agricultural productivity, the Valley’s biggest party hasn’t always had a parade, or even been celebrated during the day.

It wasn’t until 1946 before the celebration picked up a rhythm we would recognize today. After nine years, when the celebration started at 9 a.m. and would last until midnight, adding that extra day was a pretty good idea.

Our modern celebration continues to occasionally brush up against the witching hour and beyond, particularly the annual block party that springs up in downtown Gardnerville tonight.

Those who enjoy all Carson Valley Days has to offer spend a late night tonight before turning out early to the parade for a dose of air horn and siren from the parade.

We can’t help but be swept up in all this tradition.

The original Carson Valley Day was a team effort in which residents of both towns put together the biggest party they could and invited everyone in Western Nevada to attend.

Our deepest appreciation go to the score of Carson Valley Active 20-30 Club members who shoulder most of the burden for putting on this weekend’s celebration.

And our thanks to all the other groups and organizations who contribute to making Carson Valley Days the party we all love.

And remember to wave at the folks on the floats. It’s an important part of our tradition.