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Welcome to 2014

The Record-Courier kicked off its 135th volume on Wednesday, marking that many years since it first started publishing as the Genoa Courier on Jan. 1, 1880. Nevada is only celebrating its 150th year this year, which means The R-C has been a witness to much of that history.

Back in 1880, the Courier was one of two publications being printed in Genoa. The other was the Genoa Journal, which was started in competition with the man who bought the Carson Valley News, changed the name, and started stumping for candidates.

Soon as the election was over, Boynton Carlisle sold the Courier to its competitor and left town, leaving only the newly renamed publication as his legacy.

There have been a lot of changes for both the newspaper and society in the last century and a third. The Genoa Courier moved from Genoa to Gardnerville around the turn of the century, where there was yet another paper, The Record, publishing. In spring 1904 a fire destroyed The Record’s offices and The Record-Courier was born from the ashes.

The R-C has changed size and shape over the last 110 years, we’ve changed how we produce the newspaper, where we print it, when and how often we publish and how we distribute it many times over the years. The demise of newspapers has been predicted time and again. Just like our forefathers, we’ve adapted to new challenges by adopting new techniques or making changes that keep our business profitable.

Because The Record-Courier is a business, and just like any store, making money is a condition of the test.

The advertising inside and the number of pages is a reflection on the prosperity of our community. Let’s make 2014 a big year for all of us.