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Welcome 2019

A cold north wind accompanied 2019 into Carson Valley, which we hope is not a portend of things to come.

We’ve seen a lot of new years arrive here, and one thing we can say for sure is that they all are different.

New administrations are taking over the sheriff’s and assessor’s office and a new justice of the peace will serve East Fork.

Two new county commissioners will be sworn in on Monday, and we suspect that despite hopes and concerns from some quarters, most things won’t be all that different than previous boards.

County commissioners have some serious work to do over the next year.

It has been a while since they halted work on the update of the Douglas County master plan, there’s folks counting on them for money for local roads and there’s the hiring of a new county manager, for just a few items.

Work on the county budget has already begun, which is a good thing, and we’re hoping to get some resolution from the state on the Tiregate thefts.

The thing we love about the new year is that we can look forward and see the potential for the future.

Officially, The Record-Courier opens its 139th volume, marking nearly 140 years serving Carson Valley.

That doesn’t count the five years publishing as the Carson Valley News, which was founded by then-Douglas County District Attorney A.C. Pratt, before it sold and was renamed.

The R-C banner, itself more than 90 years old, features the Carson Range in all its glory.

Our resolution for 2019 is to cover as much of the good in Carson Valley as the bad, bringing our readers the news as it becomes ripe.