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Weight-loss group looks to adding evening chapter

by Jo Rafferty

The local daytime chapter of Take Pounds Off Sensibly has been so successful, that TOPS president Joan Tindle said the group wants to add an evening group.

“What we’re interested in is possibly starting an evening chapter,” said Tindle. “We’re hoping to get some men involved too.”

TOPS was founded in 1948 in Milwaukee, Wis., and TOPS Nevada No. 141 was formed in 1999, with just five or six members. According to the Web site http://www.tops.org “TOPS is the oldest international, non-profit, non-commercial weight-loss support group.”

Weekly meetings include private weigh-ins and a program.

“It’s a support group more than anything else,” said Tindle. “We don’t have any set diets. We have a program every week on health, nutrition, anything that has to do with having a healthy body.”

Tindle said the group is “goal oriented.”

“Members set goals,” she said. “Those who attain their goals are called KOPS, Keep Off Pounds Sensibly. Most of them stay mainly to maintain their weight.”

Currently, her chapter has four active KOPS.

The daytime chapter, which meets Thursday mornings at St. Gall Catholic Church, has 26 active members.

“We have a really good group,” said Tindle. “We support each other through everything.”

They hope that by adding an evening group that more people would be able to join. Most members live in Douglas County, but if they’re willing to drive, people from outside the county can join as well.

“We want to attract all ages and men, including teenagers, by adding evenings,” said Tindle.

TOPs has more than 200,000 members in 10,000 chapters in the U.S., Canada and other countries worldwide. Membership fees are $24 annually. Additional chapter fees are charged to cover operating expenses. This amount is determined by vote of the chapter members and varies.

For information on joining either a new evening chapter or the daytime chapter of TOPS, call Tindle at 265-2233.