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‘Weeds’ editorial too negative

by Nancy Humphries, Gardnerville

While I have to agree with comments in Sheila Gardner’s article that the Minden Gateway absentee developer must be ecstatic that folks are cleaning up the mess in his nest, I take exception to the editorial attitude displayed in ‘Our Take’ on Nov. 20, 2009, in The Record-Courier. It’s negative and sarcastic about the importance of the work done, how it was accomplished, and the good that has come from these efforts.

Three very important points were noted in Sheila’s article:

1. A whole lot of agencies in western Nevada were actually able to work together to address this immediate problem and also had the foresight to look ahead to other areas that would benefit from similar clean-up and restoration activities.

2. The noxious weed problem is real and it’s big, and anything that can be done to alleviate the invasion works for the good of all who enjoy this land, the rivers, and beauty of our area.

3. This will be a continuing effort for two years, providing employment and a clear focus on where to attack damaging plants and where re-vegetation and good land use management can be applied.

It’s nice to see a bad problem cause some cooperation and thought and create some good solutions.