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We’d also like an explanation

Record Courier Staff Reports

We’re ready to reserve judgment on the very public conflict between the Douglas County School District administration and seven of Whittell High School’s staff members.

But after listening to the administration’s side of the story, we can understand why the six teachers and a counselor accused in connection with the Oct. 30, 2003 absence would opt for a public hearing on the issue.

While there was some direct testimony from the school’s secretary, who said she overheard teachers in the halls joking about taking a short week, most of the material appears to be rumor and innuendo.

Unfortunately, we won’t hear from the teachers until next month, when they will get an opportunity to tell their side of the story.

We will be very interested in learning how such a large percentage of the school’s staff happened to be out at the same time.

Certainly some evidence pertaining to their activities on Oct. 30, 2003, would go a long way toward settling the matter one way or another.

If it turns out the teachers were indeed in mutiny over an unpopular principal, then the proposed suspensions are justified.

But we would hope that as educated, responsible people, the teachers have a reasonable explanation for a result that now seems so irresponsible.