Weather’s bad enough |

Weather’s bad enough

R-C Editorial Board

These past two months have shown just how fragile Douglas County’s infrastructure is. The weather has certainly tested the patience of any residents who’ve had to commute to Carson City or Reno and have found themselves trapped on Jacks Valley Road in a huge traffic jam.

High winds have toppled power poles and trucks, stripped shingles and knocked down fences.

But at least the weather is beyond our control, forcing us to take it in stride, or just to take it.

On Friday a new menace to our infrastructure arose — the garbage truck.

We think that garbage trucks have probably used that intersection of Heybourne and Airport roads hundreds of times without severing the Internet connection for thousands of Carson Valley and South Lake Tahoe residents.

And yet on Friday, the truck took out a stretch of fiber optic line that took more than 12 hours to repair.

Fiber optic isn’t like copper wires that can be spliced together, it requires special skills and equipment to fix it.

So why it was stretched across a road where it could be broken is beyond us. At least on the other occasions when Frontier’s fiber optic line broke, it had to be dug up.

Unlike those two times, the outage didn’t affect Douglas 911 or Dispatch, though it did prevent deputies from using their in-car computers.

For many businesses, commerce came to a standstill due to the lost connection. We may never know just how much that 12 hours cost us.