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We wish the Valley froze in time, too

The release of population numbers by the U.S. Census brings up an interesting point.

According to the Census estimate, as of July 1, 2018, Douglas County was up to 48,467 people.

We know residents believe a lot more than the roughly 450 people estimated to have moved here between 2017 and 2018 have arrived, and maybe they have.

But we’re betting that when the actual Census is done next year, we’ll find that the county’s population is still within a horseshoe throw of 50,000.

But that’s still a lot of people for a community that hasn’t seen a serious expansion of the main highway out of town since 1985.

A drive from Minden to Carson City, especially the bottleneck between Stephanie Way and Clear Creek, is enough to make some transplanted Californians wonder why they bothered to come here.

More folks are certainly on their way, that’s for sure.

There’s not too many people who have moved here in the last 40 years who don’t wish Carson Valley stayed exactly the way it was when they got here.

And while activists have pressured the county commission to slow down growth, Clark County added the equivalent of the population of Douglas County in one year.

Not all those folks are too sympathetic with efforts to maintain our rural lifestyle with the help of their sales taxes. We’re not suggesting that the county swing wide the doors and allow all kinds of development. We know that it would take more than we could handle to keep up with Washoe, much less Clark County.

But every year erodes Douglas’ and other rural county’s influence in the Legislature. This year it was gun control. Next session the county could be required to approve workforce housing or solar farms or give Lake Tahoe its own county.