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We love letters

Nov. 1 will be the last issue of The R-C carrying letters to the editor before the Nov. 6 election, which means one more time for election letters.

We’re extending the deadline for new letters to 5 p.m. Monday in honor of the occasion.

Latecomers will have their letters included online if they like.

We welcome letters supporting candidates, but will be either editing out or rejecting letters containing new campaign issues.

If a candidate feels slighted, we’re happy to report their response in Saturday’s edition. However, that last letters day is always a good opportunity to leave people with a good feeling about your favorite candidate, we feel, and will be enforced.

Length and other rules continue to apply, though we think getting a point across doesn’t require the whole 500 words, so it doesn’t hurt to keep them short.

We still believe there is something in writing a letter that is more powerful than a Facebook post or a tweet or a web comment.

People have to put their name and where they’re from on it. They get a chance to say why they back someone they feel has our community’s best interest at heart.

And it’s a great way to participate in our community’s public life.

Remember, we all have to live together on the other side of this election, So, say what you need, but remember to smile when you say it, Pardner.