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We like parade just the way it is

by Kelly Kite

It was my privilege and pleasure to be a participant in the recent Carson Valley Days Parade; therefore, I was surprised and dismayed to read a letter to the Editor in the June 19 edition of The Record-Courier from Ms. Stevens regarding her disappointment in our “little town parade.”

Apparently, it is time to apologize on behalf of our community for the embarrassment we caused during Carson Valley Days. Although that embarrassment was not intentional, maybe we should take a closer look at just how we appear to others. Just because our local volunteer firefighters devote thousands of hours of unpaid protection to the county does not guarantee their right to enter the local annual parade.

Antique tractors in an agricultural community are just absurd. What could we have been thinking? Obviously, this is a lack of good judgment that needs immediate attention. We must remember that not everyone wants or cares about the ranch land or its history that has created the rural life style that we enjoy so much.

As was indicated, those tight-fisted business owners (who only support most every charitable organization in the county and are the backbone of most of our service clubs), should stop all that foolishness and buy some flowers for parade floats, even if those floats do have only an eight-hour life span. That’s much more important than all those charities the local businesses help support.

Local government has also been very callous in its lack of support of this festivity. Just a couple of cents of additional property taxes could finance a few great entries in the parade. This would stop county employees from spending so much of their own volunteer time decorating a flat bed truck and then riding the entire parade route so that local citizens can see some of the people their tax dollars are paying.

We, as parade entrants, politicians included, should look closely at the suggestions given us and make those recommended changes as fast as possible. It amazes me that those people organizing the parade, working on the parade and riding and marching in the parade could not see its inadequacy, when those not involved can point them out so easily.

Until those changes are implemented, I would suggest that Ms. Stevens not go to the upcoming free concerts, as these are incredibly hokey, with friends and families gathered in Minden Park. We wouldn’t want anyone to be subjected to old and young alike doing strange things like enjoying one of those incredible Nevada summer evenings. One wouldn’t want to just revel in the fact that we are living in the greatest country in the world and in one of the most beautiful areas in that country.

I happen to think that our small town atmosphere and, yes, our “little town parade” is a large part of why we live here. It puzzles me why those who come here looking for this lifestyle immediately feel the need to change it.

As for me, I greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone who participated in the parade – thank you!

n Kelly Kite is a Douglas County commissioner representing District No. 5.