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We got this

We found the Nevada Air National Guard flyby on Tuesday not just encouraging, but perhaps a tad inspirational.

The Record-Courier was not alone in stepping outdoors to watch as the three C-130s from the High Rollers lumbered over Carson Valley. Someone even thought they saw a wing dip as the aircraft flew over the Douglas County Judicial & Law Enforcement Center.

It was over in under four minutes, but that brief span brought people together in a way that we haven’t seen since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite all of our differences, which are on display across the following four pages of letters, we are joined in our love for this very special place. Tuesday was just a reminder of that love for green fields, blue skies, jagged peaks and a beautiful day to watch a trio of big airplanes fly overhead.

Even as we bask in the moment, it’s important to remember the important work ahead.

The Record-Courier and its progenitors The Carson Valley News, The Genoa Journal and the Gardnerville Record have been covering the good and bad in this Valley for 145 years.

We don’t know what the future holds for us. Like any other business we’re subject to the vagaries of the market. There aren’t that many outfits that can claim to have survived with essentially the same business model for nearly a century and a half, especially the last century and a half.

The R-C has covered a lot of advances including the invention of the automobile, the airplane, radio, television, computers, Internet and even social media.

We’ve also weathered two world wars and the Great Depression, in addition to some of the challenges posed by those aforementioned inventions.

The only promise we can make on behalf of The R-C is that we’ll keep doing what we do for as long as we can.