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Ways to keep your stuff safe

With our recent rash of burglaries, one of the victims has some advice she’d like to share with her neighbors.

While she doesn’t want to be named, she said one of the things that helped investigators find her property was that she had it catalogued and photographed.

That helped her recover about half of the items that had been taken from her home.

It will also help provide additional evidence when the perpetrator is eventually brought to trial.

Having a list of your property, with serial numbers and photos is a great way to keep track of what you have in case of a burglary, or even some sort of disaster.

Of course it’s not enough to have a list, you should also make sure it’s safe from being taken as well.

The old fashioned way is to have it on a disk of some sort stashed with a friend, but with modern technology, having it saved to a cloud email account can be just as effective, and making it easier to access to update or when trouble strikes.

There are ways to discourage burglars from picking your home, including alarms and dogs, but desperate people will figure out ways to get past your defenses.

While we’re pretty small town here, we’re not that far from several big cities, which tend to breed a more sophisticated type of criminal.

So having a means to get your stuff back if someone has taken it is important, not just to you, but to whomever is trying to make it right.

Documenting your property seems like a big chore, and it may be on the front end, but once you’ve got a good list, adding to it won’t be that difficult to maintain.

Just think of it as cheap insurance.