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Way things should be

Dennis W. Stark


Recently, I was traveling through Minden and stopped at Anker Carwash on Highway 395. Unfortunately, due to a lot of recent use, the bill changer was jammed. I found this out by putting money into the changer and losing it. I attempted to contact someone at the car wash but no one was there at that time. A phone number for the owners was posted on the bill changer so I called it and left a message. I was immediately contacted by the owner, Mark Dudley, and my issue was handled in a courteous and timely manner.

It reminded me of how business used to be done – and should be done now. Because of this response by the owner I will go back and use the car wash in the future. Many times I have had issues with the car wash in my town and have never received a response from those owners. Best wishes to Anker Carwash and Mark Dudley.