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Waterloo a disgrace

Waterloo Lane near Centerville Lane.
Shannon Litz |


The approximate one mile of Waterloo Lane between Highway 88 and Centerville Lane has been a disgrace and unsafe for many years with potholes too numerous to count and road edges crumbling along the full length. Much swerving is needed to avoid them. The county commissioners’ response has been that we can’t afford to do a full repair because one day we may reroute it.

The road was closed July 16 and 17 for repairs. On July 19, I used the road and saw the repairs. A few small areas have been patched but many far worse still remain. You still have to swerve around them.

If the county paid more than $1,000 for these repairs, someone needs firing, and it would still be a waste of money. Any competent private contractor could have done a more extensive repair in two days. This road is still unsafe and the latest repairs will follow previous attempts at repair when the new patches pop out at the first rain or snow. This road has to be the worst in Gardnerville and probably won’t be rerouted in my lifetime.

When can we get some competent road management?

Philip Wright