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Water systems not a community issue


Commissioner Bonner’s argument in favor of water systems consolidation (Jan. 25 Guest Opinion) has a basic fatal flaw.

He argues that it is a community issue like street lights, fire fighters, police, etc. that the whole community pays for regardless of various individual users and/or demands for service. He then goes on to promote consolidation of water systems where a small portion of the community (East and West Valley) pays for the failures of certain water systems (Sheridan Acres and Jobs Peak). The two issues are not even close to being comparable – apples vs. turnips.

If the failure of two valley water systems is truly a community issue, then the entire community should be responsible for the costs, not just a select few.

If the communities provide services where needed, then let the entire community pay the cost – not just part of the community as Mr. Bonner suggests. That is where his argument in favor of consolidation falls flat on its face. Consolidation as proposed is not a community issue – it is a neighborhood issue.

Without a beneficial physical connection, consolidation is merely a search for a deep pocket.

Stuart Posselt