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Water more preciousthan oil?

The price of a barrel of oil generally translates to the pumps at some point.

So to the price for 1,000 gallons of Minden water will translate to the rates people pay for the water at home.

Right now all we know is what the wholesale rate will be. Both Carson City and Indian Hills have other water sources they use to blend with Minden water, so the price per 1,000 gallons will translate to something different from what Minden’s charging them.

While Carson City may be Minden’s largest wholesale water customer, the capital has lots of water sources besides Minden to serve its customers.

Douglas County Public Works Director Carl Ruschmeyer said there are several factors that will go into whatever rate change the county does for its customers.

All three entities must hold public hearings and publish the proposed rates before they’re considered by their respective boards.

We’ve checked Indian Hills’ agendas and can’t see where they’ve approved the agreement to buy water from Minden, yet. We suppose there’s a chance they won’t.

The point in pumping water from Minden wasn’t because it was cheap.

It was because it allowed water purveyors to reduce the level of arsenic. Treating the water to reduce the arsenic is an expensive prospect to implement and maintain.

For a basic commodity, there’s a lot that goes into delivering fresh water to our homes. There may come a time when that becomes less expensive, but it won’t be for a while.