Watching the tires grow |

Watching the tires grow

Depending on what you’re looking for, God or the Devil is in the details.

But with the recent thefts in the motor pool, we don’t blame commissioners who are listening for those words while wading through the budget.

While there are still a few details remaining to flesh out in the Tiregate scandal, a look back at the back pages of The Record-Courier provide interesting reading.

We know the last company to sell tires to the county through Chris Oakden was Reno Vulcanizing Works, whose $17,000 bill set off alarm bells a year ago.

A search for the company’s name in the newspaper archives maintained by the Douglas County Library reveals how the tire purchases increased from one year to the next.

Reno Vulcanizing Works received $26,700 during the second half of 2011, according to the list of bills that used to be published by the newspaper.

In 2012, the company charged the county $43,784. The charge for 2013 was $65,449, in 2014 it was $181,818.26 and in 2015 it was $408,480. That amounts to $726,231 of the estimated $1 million in tires that rolled in and out of the county’s inventory.

There are hundreds of lines on those pages, which The R-C printed every quarter for between $4,000 and $6,000 a year.

We acknowledge that despite being there in black and white, no one publicly pointed it out.

However, it was there to find. The county has moved publication of their bills to the web site, which certainly didn’t slow down the thefts a lick.

The argument before any government is that publishing online will save money, but we’re not certain our recent troubles bear that out.