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Watch out online


I got a phone call the other day from a number in the 702 area code (Las Vegas). The phone solicitor was asking for money in the name of one of our state law enforcement agencies.

The caller launched into his prepared scripts until I stopped him and asked: “What percentage of the money I would be sending to you goes toward your administration costs?”

He said: “I’m sorry, I’m having some problems hearing you, let me adjust my volume.” He started from the script again and I asked the same question again. This time I got switched to another person (his supervisor maybe) and I asked her the same question about administrative costs. She told me that 83 percent of each dollar (sent to them) was used to cover their (the soliciting company) “administrative” costs. The law enforcement agency would only get 27 percent.

Don’t fall for these unscrupulous phone solicitors who want to get their hands on your hard earned money by using the name of organizations that make you feel good about giving to. Ask the question and avoid the “83 percenters.”

Marshall Goldy