Watch out for school children |

Watch out for school children

R-C Editorial Board

Today marks the official end of summer for Carson Valley’s elementary school students. The older children get a few days’ reprieve, with middle and high school starting on Monday.

That means buses will be back on the road, students will be walking to school and the many school zones around the Valley will be in effect.

Unfortunately, some of our busiest roadways coincide with some of our busiest schools.

The clear examples are in Gardnerville and Minden where students for Gardnerville Elementary School, Carson Valley Middle School and Douglas High School have to cross Highway 395 or Highway 88 to get to school.

But that doesn’t mean that some of the other crossings are much safer. Jacks Valley Road, Bluerock Road, Buckeye Road, even Mitch Drive, all have school zones and are busy streets.

Fortunately we’ve only had a incidents where students have been struck on their way to or from school.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will have deputies in the vicinity of the school zones to remind motorists, with a citation if necessary, to slow down.

Obey the school zones, pay attention to your speed and watch out for students crossing the street.