Watch fireworks, don’t light them |

Watch fireworks, don’t light them

With one of the best fireworks shows in the West at Lake Tahoe, and other shows in Reno, Carson City and even Virginia City, there’s plenty of pyrotechnics across the region without people contributing their own.

It’s sometimes a shock for new arrivals to learn that free-wheeling western Nevada is so deadset against consumer fireworks.

But there is no guarantee in the Constitution to keep and bear fireworks. And the danger is so pervasive that they’ve been prohibited in Douglas County in one form or another for most of a century.

When that ban first came into play, the forest was actually a local source of income.

What is now the Carson Ranger District was actually headquartered in Minden for decades.

When tourism was in its infancy, Carson Valley’s key visitors were here to hunt and fish.

That wasn’t something people could do with the forest in ashes, and fireworks were an easy ban.

That’s why we in Carson Valley celebrate the day with concerts and picnics.

There’s lot’s going on today in Carson Valley, and plenty of professional fireworks shows in the region.

Enjoy your Fourth of July, but do so safely so we’re all here to talk about the fun on the Fifth.