Watch back in tight turn |

Watch back in tight turn


A comment regarding “Smoke is only news” by Dianne Humble.

While in general it can be assumed that the back end of a car follows the front, there is a situation every driver must be aware of when this is not true. In a very tight turn such as a very slow and sharp entry to a street, driveway, or parking space the rear end of a vehicle makes a shorter radius turn than the front with any normal vehicle, something every driver needs to remember when making a tight turn.

I will be very happy to demonstrate this for Dianne or anyone else.

Please do not stand too close to any point a motor vehicle is turning around. I do not want to affect discussion of such a situation in regards to any accident since the collision and its outcome depend of details I am not aware of, but any vehicle with front steering does make a larger radius turn with its front wheels than with the rear though it is not always obvious when driving a short wheelbase. Bus and truck drivers have a much greater concern.

Pete Harding