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War on grammar

Lynn Muzzy


I wanted to wait until after the clutter of the election to comment on the Oct. 26 letter to the R-C editor, “Attack of the super PACs,” by Cindy Trigg, who signed herself chairperson of the Douglas County Democratic Party.

Apparently Ms. Trigg attended some sort of event at which the concept of conservatives contending with liberals on a financially level playing field disturbed her.

The problem with determining the precise meaning of Trigg’s letter is that it’s the written equivalent of banging a spoon on a high chair. Here’s a sample:

“That is one super pac compared to the multiple PACs by extreme wealthy Republicans.”

The rest of the letter continues this war on grammar, case consistency, and usage, plus fragments like these posing as complete sentences:

“That my concern was empty, bombastic and laughable.”

“Along with Crossroads for America, Karl Rove’s richly funded Super Pac.”

I’m not sure if Trigg wrote her letter in crayon, but she modestly omitted that she is also a member of the Douglas County school board.

Parents, you have my sympathy.