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War on Christmas


There are, according to the U.S. government website, 10 federal holidays. Each holiday is explained clearly and explicitly, with the reason and authenticity.

For example: Independence Day (4th of July) has fireworks, parades, American flags displayed all over the country, family gatherings celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

Christmas Day a worldwide holiday has decorations, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, family togetherness and gift-giving celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Obviously other countries are not interested in our July 4th celebration but that is not the same when it comes to Christmas.

I’ll be damned if I am going to be silent this year.

At 86, this WWII vet has enjoyed this special day all these years and now with 22 great-grandchildren I want them to enjoy Christmas as I have.

This special day is not winter festival or holiday greetings and the decorated tree is a Christmas tree. There are no more Christmas carols because it offends a few but I bet those few take this day off with pay or work at double time.

It offends me, schools do not have a special day or evening prior to Christmas by putting on a small performance in honor of the birth of Jesus, our Savior. Nonbelievers are not forced to attend or have their children involved. America has always been a country of belief and prayer. Now the latest — “Christ not needed at Christmas” plastered on a New York billboard and a large cross ordered to be removed from atop Mount Soledad in San Diego. Where are the Christian voices? Silence suggests your acceptance of socialism.

Merry Christmas and happy birthday Jesus Christ.

William Lepore, Sr.