Walmart really the issue? |

Walmart really the issue?

Mary January, Gardnerville


We are on the verge of perhaps having a health care bill that will add billions to our debt, give or take 400-500 billion (but who is counting?); which will include a mandate to purchase health care with fines and potential jail time if one doesn’t comply. But there is that free government option. Crazy thought but would it not be better to do something to stimulate job creation? Most jobs offer some form of insurance. I am thinking it’s better to have a job and some form of insurance, which then enables one to pay the bills than to have the almighty free health care. Is health care all that great if you can’t pay your bills and take care of your family?

We have the Cap and Trade bill that will surely raise our energy cost (per a quote from Obama) yet do nothing to ensure our independence on foreign supplies. We have an administration that is falsely reporting jobs created or saved (what is a saved job anyway?) and admits they can’t truly audit it.

We have Harry Reid, the senior senator that we should keep in office because of the power he has to bring great things to the state of Nevada. Really? Nevada’s unemployment rate is 13.3, and is 32 on the list of states that have had those “miracle” jobs created. That would be 31 states that have had more jobs created than we have, great job Harry. Check out, the site that cost $18 million of your taxpayer dollars to bring transparency and is presenting the false data.

We have this administration’s decision to bring 9/11 terrorists to New York to be tried with all the rights of U.S. citizens. Thinking that they may get off with some technicality sickens me.

Sure Walmart is a challenge, but do you think that perhaps we are fighting over it so loudly because we feel that we may actually have a say in the matter? Regardless of the side you are on, you are able to voice your opinion, and someone is listening; contrary to our elected officials and our concerns about national issues. Remeber that our elected officials work for us, it’s our taxpayer dollars paying their salaries.

If you are concerned over where our country is going, I urge you to be vocal; be as vocal and concerned as you are about Walmart. Put signs in your yard, bumper stickers on your cars; whatever it takes. Don’t be afraid to discuss the issues and share your thoughts. Contact your representatives and tell them that you will not stand for this and their job is on the chopping block come the next election. If we do nothing and continue to let our country head in the direction it is going, whether or not we have a Walmart in Gardnerville really won’t make any difference.