Walmart has a place in our community |

Walmart has a place in our community

EDITOR:In response to Mr. Slade’s Guest Opinion dated January 25, 2013 entitled “Walmart won’t contribute in the long run”:While Mr. Slade refers to Walmart’s rating in Consumer Reports, I did an actual price comparison of three products by going to Smith’s, Raley’s, Scolari’s, Walgreens and Walmart. The results: 1. Schick Titanium Quattro Razor Blades (4 pack):Walgreen$12.49Raley’s $11.99Smith’s $10.69Walmart $9.44(Walmart’s price is 25 percent less than Walgreen).2. Barbasol Shaving CreamWalgreen $1.99Scolari’s$1.99 Raley’s $1.79 Smith’s $1.34 Walmart $1.28(Walmart’s price is 36 percent less than Walgreen and Scolari’s).3. Mr. & Mrs. T Original Bloody Mary Mix (1 Liter)Scolari’s $4.49Walmart $2.98(Walmart’s price is 34 percent less than Scolari’s). Walmart’s savings are more than “the few pennies” Mr. Slade suggested in his opinion. I am not suggesting Walmart for all shopping, but on certain items, their prices are substantially less.Jim HillmanGardnerville