Voting for Cassandra Jones |

Voting for Cassandra Jones


Having watched exchanges between Erik Levin and Cassandra Jones three times now, my impressions are these: Mr. Levin seems quite capable, has the requisite experience, but seems fixated on his prosecutorial record and endorsement by law enforcement. Ms. Jones, on the other hand, has a much broader resume which includes a career of both prosecuting bad guys and representing victims, serving her community in various capacities, doing pro bono work for those who cannot afford her services, and looking out for underserved populations such as the disabled and the elderly in Douglas County. I want someone on the bench who, across the board, looks at the bigger picture and tries to weigh all sides before rendering judgment. Mr. Levin strikes me as someone who would be heavy handed, Ms. Jones strikes me as someone who would be fair. I will be voting for Ms. Jones.

Betti Christensen