Voting for Bonner |

Voting for Bonner


I have read several attempts by people in the community trying to label Mr. Bonner as a PR guy. I found out he isn’t a PR guy at all. His job is in communications and public affairs. From my experience communications is all about how we keep people informed and engaged and I have learned that he does that with employees around the world. In public affairs he has been instrumental in working with state and federal legislators in helping to drive policy changes for the company he works for. He sits with the Renewable Energy Task Force that is working to drive change in that industry segment.

Did they know that the Economic Development Commission utilizes Mr. Bonner as their energy technology advisor and he works with Executive Director Mike Skaggs on many levels.

Did they also know that Mr. Bonner has two patents in the area of remote monitoring for power plants? Does this really sound like a PR guy?

I see Mr. Bonner as a collaborator and leader in the community. When we need someone with those skill sets when it comes time to work with the state and to help bring people together and work towards a common goal, my vote goes to Bonner.

So the next time someone tries to say Bonner is a PR guy – don’t believe them – they really don’t know. I wonder if they even asked him or talked to him about what he does? Maybe it’s the same people that keep voting no and holding the county back from bringing jobs and business to the county. It’s time for a change – time for jobs – time to give the future of Douglas County direction. Vote Bonner for the Douglas County commission.

Sheri Northway