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Voting for Bonner


With declining revenues over the past four years, I don’t believe Mr. Brady’s much touted degree in finance has bestowed any great benefit to our county or local businesses. Last year he advocated to pay a “consultant” over $120,000 for a “Business Plan” that addressed how to bring new business into this Valley. This “Plan” was late in coming and offered few specifics. Our tax dollars could have been put to better use. Instead, Mr. Brady approved paying someone $120,000 for ideas that were three years too late. I also take issue with Mr. Brady’s vote in favor of requiring a business to have 100 rooms if they want more than 15 video poker machines. His support of this restrictive zoning benefited few and stifled the efforts of businesses to increase revenues.

Lee Bonner knows this community through his active involvement in business organizations such as the Nevada Commission on Economic Development, Northern Nevada Development Authority, Business Council and the Carson Valley Chamber. In addition, he has been active in volunteer organizations such as the Family Support Council, Carson Valley Arts Council, Northern Nevada United Way, Douglas County Sheriff’s Council and the Sheriff’s Mounted Posse. Mr. Bonner is someone who can creatively think outside the box and who understands the importance of bringing businesses to our community. After considering both men and what they bring to the table, Lee Bonner will definitely receive my vote.

Gary Thompson