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Voting for Angle


I have taken the time to get to know her. I have sat quietly on several different occasions when she stood before small gatherings of supporters and folks who were maybe sitting on the fence. I have listened to her explain many of the issues to which her opponent has attacked her on. She has always been able to completely explain her position and explain the half-truths of where they came up with the dirt in the first place. I have met her husband and other members of her family and can say they truly are just Nevadan’s like you and me. I have heard people say, “What can a junior senator hope to accomplish?” and the answer is “new blood.” The good ole’ boys have to be stopped from bankrupting this country. Sharon is for ‘single piece legislation’ and that means she will vote against the bills brought forth that have all the port attached to them. She will vote against any Supreme Court nominee that will not protect our constitutional rights. I know she has been criticized for many no votes while in the state government, but many were because they did have bogus bills attached with them. People please take a long hard look at where this country is headed. The president of this nation, regardless or party affiliation, can only do so much, but the congress is where we need to inject new blood and new ideas to right us back on the path to prosperity. The good ole’ boys who have always scratched each others backs have got to go! There is a movement across this nation to try a new path, to rid the congress of the deal making, money wasting, debt increasing men and women in congress that think they know more than their constituents and therefore do not listen to the people. Please, on November 2nd, be a part of this movement and make yourself heard with a vote for Sharron Angle.

Mike Geissinger