Voting against Reid |

Voting against Reid


We have been residents of Douglas County for more than 16 years. Sadly it is time to get out of this area, since I am now unemployed due to a large employer in Minden’s change of ownership and subsequent termination of many good people.

We are going to move to Arizona, but not until after the upcoming elections in November. You see, we feel very strongly that we must do our part to send the Reids to outer space where they should be residing. We do not agree with 100 percent of what Sharron Angle stands for, but zero for what Reid stands for. It is time to get him out of office. He is an embarrassment to Nevada. Remember his comment that the war is lost, everyone knows that but the president? Tell that to all the brave men and women who have done an outstanding job protecting our country. You see, Reid has been in office too long. Now he says don’t blame me for the economy in Nevada. OK, maybe not 100 percent, but how can we not blame him for the following:

• worst state for foreclosures

• worst state for bankruptcy

• worst state for unemployment

• worst state for graduation rates

• 21 percent office space vacancy

• 46th in stimulus money received and on and on.

I have heard some people say that we have to keep Reid because he is so powerful and a freshman senator would not be good for us. If Reid is so powerful, how do you explain the above statistics?

He has aligned himself with our on-the-job training president and Pelosi … two good enough reasons to dump him by themselves.

Bob Stampf

Topaz Ranch Estates