Voting against Bonner |

Voting against Bonner


I keep hoping someone else will bring this issue into the public dialogue, but alas, now at the 11th hour I have to say something. I am opposed to Lee Bonner as a county commissioner.

There are several reasons but the most pressing is that Mr. Bonner as an employee of GE Energy is a member of one of the most elite and powerful corporate cultures on the planet. General Electric, or Citizen GE, is notorious for participating in the revolving door between government service and corporate employment. My question posed to Mr. Bonner at a meet and great, was how does this corporate expectation of service factor into his desire to become a Douglas County commissioner? I found his answer, that he has never heard of the “revolving door” charming, but shallow and unconvincing.

GE Energy, and their employees are undeniably a wonderful asset to Douglas County. However, I believe all the cards should be on the table. What we need with this tremendously powerful corporation is a true partnership with clear and distinct roles, not a hasty merger.

Vote local. Vote for Experience. Vote for Dave Brady.

Donna Buddington