Voting a duty and a privilege |

Voting a duty and a privilege

Elections are rigged, your vote doesn’t count, voting doesn’t matter.

These are the things people who don’t want you to vote want you to believe.

Because they know full well that their power grows with each person who decides to stay home on Election Day.

You might as well say there’s no point in joining the Armed Forces because someone else will defend the republic for you.

Voting is the easiest way to exercise your citizenship.

With early voting and mail-in ballots, it has never been easier to participate in the process.

And while you can’t exactly register to vote at the polls, you can sign up online through today, which is just two days before early voting starts on Saturday.

And with the new mail-in ballot rules, people can self-identify as disabled and can obtain a ballot for the price of filling out a form.

Those ballots are already arriving at the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.

We get that sometimes you vote and it doesn’t seem to make a dent. But the heart of our republic isn’t about validating an individual. It’s about determining a future based on the wisdom of the electorate, and that’s not always going to go your way.

Douglas County often has one of the highest turnouts in the state for the general election, and we expect nothing less for this upcoming contest.

There are lots of folks counting on the voters to make good decisions.

Let’s not disappoint them.