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Vote ‘No’ on 4


We, the employees of Syncon Homes, need to respond to the letter written several weeks ago. We were referred to as a “huge, out-of-state builder that is now building next to Home Depot.”

Many of our friends have asked why we haven’t responded to the letter, or why there haven’t been more counterpoints to the SGI. It really is a no-win situation since most responses come across as defensive and self-serving. However, it is hurtful to each of us when we hear such negative comments made about the industry we are in. We are husbands/wives/parents/grandparents; our children go to community schools; we coach youth sports; we are church-goers and volunteers; we are service club members; and, we donate our time and money to local causes.

Our family-owned operation began building in Douglas County in 1985.

Although we did not develop Silvercrest, we have been building homes there for over seven years. Of our less than 30 employees, all are Nevada residents, and all but two live in either Carson Valley or Carson City. As a whole, our employees have lived in Nevada an average of over 10 years, and have been with our company an average of almost four years. We are hardly a huge, out-of-state company.

We are also surprised by the implication the county literally is being run by developers. The Master Plan was created after a great deal of study and forethought. Since its implementation, we have seen tougher conditions being imposed on proposed projects. It is quite apparent that our leaders are focused on quality land planning, and they are implementing the Master Plan as it was intended. The Master Plan and its transfer of development rights (TDR) program provide for reasonable growth in pre-defined areas thereby protecting our local economy, as well as the quality of life we all enjoy.

Before casting your vote, please study this issue and think about how cutting the local building industry in half would impact our economy. Speak to people on both sides of the issue. Then speak to some local business owners to find out how this would affect them.

We support the concept of working to preserve the positives of this beautiful community, and know this can be accomplished through following the Master Plan. The passage of this measure ultimately would impact this valley in negative ways far beyond the issues the initiative was written to address. Please, vote “No” on 4.

Rose Towner and the

employees of Syncon Homes