Vote independent |

Vote independent


The two-party system, with the money and funding (and party agenda), has gotten us where we are today in America, the land of the free. It’s a sad commentary that Americans have become so conditioned (dumbed down?) that most have come to expect this kind of campaigning (the defamatory, disgusting, “brain-frying” television spots mentioned in another letter). People (voters) seem to think that this is what makes a candidate credible when it is really just the opposite … Stop and think about what it costs to promote a candidate like this and why the promoters (parties) would go to this expense. Not a good conclusion.

It’s time to vote Independent. We have a passionate, very qualified candidate running for Governor. Let’s spare ourselves more years of grief and get Gino in now.

If we want different results we have to stop doing what we’ve always done.

Go independent Nevada.

Stephanie Gabler

Carson City