Vote for airport question |

Vote for airport question


I finally figured it out after all the confusing talk on the airport question.

I’m not a pilot, nor am I an engineer. However, I am a taxpayer and a strong supporter of keeping our little valley beautiful, quiet and on a stable economic footing.

After spending too many hours sorting through the back and forth arguments, the wordy ordinance, the pros and cons, I have come to this conclusion:

It is simply that the FAA is holding our money hostage until we adopt a fair and enforceable governing ordinance for our airport. However, in this instance I side with the FAA. This proposed airport ordinance should be fair and especially enforceable. We are talking $1 million a year folks. Our county cannot afford to pick up that tab.

So, it is quite simple. Vote yes on county question No. 1 and we get the money and the control of our airport remains in the hands of the voters. It will not encourage jets. It will encourage soaring and light aircraft. And it will continue to be available for firefighting tankers, emergency helicopters and disaster relief. It is that simple. Vote Yes on county question No. 1 and stop all the hassling.

John Caulkins