Vote against judge appointments |

Vote against judge appointments


We moved to Douglas County approximately two years ago, from Missouri. It appears that the proposed amendment to the Nevada constitution will be modeled after the Missouri judicial candidate selection system which many Missourians would love to change. There have been persistent criticisms of the judicial nominating system and the judges selected in Missouri. Many judges are accused of a liberal bias, they don’t seem to discourage litigation, and they give the appearance of being part of the good-old-boys club because these judges are indebted to the Bar Associations and political associations for their appointments. This is not healthy or appropriate or ethical.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial, entitled “Soros Bets on Nevada” … “The campaign to hijack state judicial selection,” written on Oct. 22 thoroughly summarizes the obvious problems with the Nevada Constitutional amendment. Please vote no on Question No. 1 to keep Nevada’s judges selection in the hands of the voters not the elite few.

Korliss Miller