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Volunteers make a difference

For the first time in a half century, Topaz Lake volunteers had to cancel their annual barbecue because of a fire.

Chief Dave Thomas said the Slinkard Fire kept his volunteer firefighters busy through the week, which is usually when they’re preparing for a different sort of fire altogether.

The barbecue will occur, but after the danger has passed.

One of the things we love about Douglas County is that volunteers still make a difference.

Douglas County Search and Rescue members who went door to door to warn residents the fire was headed their way.

Members of the Mounted Posse helped those folks with large animals keep them safe from the flames.

One of the newest groups of volunteers, the Citizens Emergency Response Team helped out where they could.

And then there’s the firefighters, whose dwindling numbers have been in the news lately.

We know maintaining certification as a full-fledged firefighter is a challenge for our aging cadres.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t contribute in a big way in keeping those who are certified on the front lines.

Whether it’s driving a truck or working in the fire station, volunteers make sure our communities can field the largest force of firefighters to battle big blazes.

When Topaz Lake’s volunteers get their barbecue back on the schedule, we know it will be a blow-out. Volunteers for Fish Springs and the Gardnerville Ranchos are also hosting fundraisers in September.

Look at donations to these groups as a discount on your tax bill or insurance, because they make a difference not only on the front line, but the bottom line as well.