Veterinarians show compassion |

Veterinarians show compassion


On Dec. 11, 2000, our beloved Arabian horse, Im on Fire, died suddenly and unexpectedly. He had been featured twice in your newspaper for winning back-to-back national championships at the annual Arabian Horse Youth Nationals in Oklahoma City, Okla., with our daughter, Kelle.

Although they were not able to save Im on Fire, Dr. Brian Peck and Dr. Martin Gardner from Great Basin Equine did everything in their power to help him. He had to be put down within a matter of hours. Afterward, we received at least three calls from Dr. Peck to make sure we were doing OK. He made us feel that he was honoring what Im on Fire meant to our family and it was evident he was also greatly saddened by the loss of this magnificent animal.

We have just received a letter from Washington State University informing us that Dr. Peck and Dr. Gardner have made a generous donation to the Companion Animal Fund at Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to honor the memory of our horse, Im on Fire. Words cannot express how much this gesture has meant to our family. This fund is dedicated to improving the lives of our animal friends through enhanced veterinary care developed from sound scientific research.

We are truly blessed to have veterinarians with this kind of generosity and compassion working in the Carson Valley.

The Deeter Family


Jan. 19