Van Dien off the mark on Lynn |

Van Dien off the mark on Lynn

For more than 20 years, I have had the good fortune to have Greg Lynn as my business partner. That time on the job leaves me well qualified to tell you that Mr. Van Dien’s March 8 opinion piece is off the mark. Greg is not “wishing to be seen as a genuine curmudgeon.” Greg is not an actor; he does not do role playing; he actually is a genuine curmudgeon. Fortunately for all of us, Greg is a highly intelligent, extremely hard working, completely frank, and quite lovable curmudgeon. Also fortunately for all of us, Greg excels at finding practical ways to address thorny, insoluble problems, of which Douglas County has its fair share.

The voters of Douglas County were smart to elect Greg Lynn as County Commissioner — and doubly smart to re-elect him.

Suzanne Towse