Valley pastors enjoy weekly fellowship |

Valley pastors enjoy weekly fellowship

by Caryn Haller

Pastors are called upon to be everything to everyone all the time. But sometimes even a pastor needs a pastor.

For the members of the Carson Valley Minister’s Association, pastors’ prayer is the highlight of their week.

Since 1991, senior pastors from around Carson Valley have met every week for fellowship and prayer. They pray for the Valley, the people and each other.

“The most valuable part (of meeting) is pastors live an isolated life, they are a unique person in the community, and to have a friendship with somebody who’s walking in your shoes is strengthening,” Pastor Gene Holman of Living Word Fellowship said. “We need each other.”

Pastor Rich Lammay of High Sierra Fellowship has been a pastor for 20 years, and attending the weekly meetings since the first one.

“This is the support I have. Pastoring a church can be lonely at times. We can support each other, encourage each other and sometimes mentor one another,” he said. “It’s a safe place where we can be ourselves and enjoy fellowship with guys who have a common bond and enjoy serving the Lord.”

According to Pastor Leo Kruger of Valley Christian Fellowship, Nevada is a difficult state to pastor in, but Carson Valley is an exception. He credits the difference in part to the relationships all the Valley pastors share.

“It’s always great to have someone local you can sit across the table from and share your heart,” he said. “To me it’s the highlight of the week other than church services. My commitment to it is nothing less than 100 percent.”

Pastor John Wiltse of Bread of Life Fellowship in Mound House makes the drive each week for pastors’ prayer because for the fellowship and love of his brothers.

“Every pastor needs a pastor. We can come to a meeting like this and leave encouraged,” he said. “There’s things we can share with one another that we can’t share with others. People don’t really understand the kind of life and situations we deal with.”

Pastor Wayne Ellison of Stewart Community Baptist Church in Carson City enjoys the fellowship as well. He has been attending pastors’ prayer for 11 years.

“Things happen in the church, and sometimes we need counsel from other pastors,” he said. “They accept me as one of them and I enjoy the fellowship I have with these guys.”

Pastors’ prayer is hosted by a different church every month. For more information on the Carson Valley Minister’s Association call Kruger at 265-4100.