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V in VHR shouldn’t be Valley

We’re pretty pleased to see the county’s vacation home rental ordinance get some added teeth.

We do, however, question the wisdom of expanding the ordinance to include the East Fork Township before seeing how the new rules play out at the Lake.

We can see where there might be a move to expand vacation home rentals outside of the Tahoe Basin.

Presently, the only legal way to rent out space in a private home to a vacationer visiting Carson Valley is to obtain a special use permit from the county.

It’s not hard to find where people who want to participate in things like Air BnB are renting out space in the Valley despite the ordinance.

That’s a problem because those folks aren’t paying transient occupancy taxes and other things legitimate hotels have to add to their bills.

Concerns at the planning commission’s July meeting also included the effect being able to rent out space to vacationers might have on workers housing.

There are some repercussions for other services, including fire medical and police.

There are almost 500 approved vacation home rentals in the Tahoe Township, and there’s a significant amount of work that needs to be done to implement the new ordinance there.

Expanding the ordinance to East Fork will significantly contribute to that labor because unlike Tahoe, there will be many more new permits sought which will require additional inspections.

Commissioners are scheduled to take up this issue at their Aug. 2 meeting. Here’s hoping they take the planning commission’s discussion to heart.