Using a hammer to swat a fly |

Using a hammer to swat a fly

While we are generally in favor of expanding attainable housing in Minden and Gardnerville, we’re not sure the master plan is the best way to do it.

The issue is that it often takes years for a project with the proper approvals to get off the ground.

Two decades ago, it was golf course communities and casinos.

We still remember the claims in 2007 that a casino just south of the Carson City line would fill the county’s coffers.

Basically, today that site is a big pile of dirt. Since that time approvals of casinos on either end of the twin towns have been rescinded in master plan amendments. The last big casino approval in Carson Valley is at the base of Sunridge, which has shown no forward motion in the 24 years since its proponents sued the county to force its approval.

In 2017, before county commissioners changed the master plan, there was only 12.65 acres designated for multi-family residential. Finding an apartment to rent in Douglas County is a challenge.

On Tuesday, planning commissioners heard a request to alter the master plan from receiving area to multi-family residential next to Crestmore Village in Gardnerville.

Our concern is that the multi-family residential boom, like so many in the past, will not provide the housing intended until the need has passed.

We sincerely hope that we don’t experience another Great Recession, but western Nevada’s building boom is just now gathering steam. Three or four years down the road, we may end up with more inventory than we need.

While we’re not hoping for a bust, we’ve watched Nevada go through the cycle too many times to bet on a boom lasting very long.