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Up a traffic stream without a paddle

Record Courier Staff Reports

Here at The Record-Courier we refer to locations along Highway 395 as either upstream or downstream.

If you can make a right, then it is downstream. If you have to cross westbound traffic lanes to make a left, then that is upstream.

It is the brave individual who will wait the time it takes for a gap to appear in both directions to make a left turn onto Highway 395.

Some will turn right and then drive until there is a clearing going the other way and turn into a parking lot. Then going east becomes a downstream turn.

Others just don’t go that way.

So it was no surprise to us to learn that traffic on Highway 395 has grown over the past decade and shows no sign of decline in the foreseeable future.

And while Muller Parkway may eventually drain some of the major traffic off Highway 395, it will generate its own problems downstream.

Those problems are compounded by the doubling in size of shopping proposed for the new redevelopment district in north Douglas County.

Only two solutions exist to the traffic problems along Highway 395.

Either the highway has to get a lot wider, or another route needs to open up. Since any opportunity to extend Carson City’s bypass south is decades away, widening Highway 395 is all we’ve got.

Then all we’ll need to get upstream will be an overpass.