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United volunteer group


The United States is very lucky to have so many volunteers working in this country to provide many good things for the public and our government which would otherwise cost us a lot more. We all understand that this is for a good cause.

I would like to separate the volunteer program into two factors. No. 1 – People who are in service clubs work for their community. They support many programs to help people who are in need. No. 2 – volunteers are helping governmental agencies like the fire department and the police department to provide services.

If the services now provided by volunteers and service clubs were to be replaced by paid personnel, it would cost that government or organization approximately $25 per hour in which government would tax that person with $2.50 in income tax.

Most volunteers are putting in 100 hours per year or more and are happy to do so. Volunteers are mostly retired and live from Social Security, 401K programs, and investments made in a lifetime of hard work and saving. As we all know, times have changed for the worse for many people. Prices are up and interest is down, together with the declining value of homes.

What I would like to see is that our governmental leaders provide the volunteers with a small income tax deduction of $2.50 per hour worked, which would offset their out-of-pocket expenses and, very importantly, invite more volunteer hours. Moneywise, this deduction would amount to $250 on average and would not be a lethal blow to the government.