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Unelected agencies are socialists


A willing student of Karl Marx will never grasp the significance of what the founders of this country endured in order to secure the freedom for our people from the despotic “socialist,” King George III of England.

That which flows from my pen, exposing truth and fact, is a direct result of those who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, to secure for us, “the American people,” a form of government and liberties unheard of in all human experiences.

If King George III can be looked upon as a socialist of the time, the current dictionary defines his actions against the colonists as precisely that. There is no evidence of the colonists referring to the King as a socialist, but there is evidence that they were not going to bow down like sheeple and accept his every notion that “they” will live and work according to “his” dictates.

The King forced the colonists to sell their production to the English businessman. And anything they wanted to buy, had to be purchased from the English businessman. And when the colonists built their own ships, so they could sell their products to other parts of the world in need, the King ordered their ships sunk, and forbade them from building any ships. How can an entrepreneur survive under such rules and regulations forced upon the people by unelected agencies with persons with no names?

Have you listened to the news lately? You will hear “the White House says” or “the IRS says, and closer to home, “there is no response from Harry Reid’s office.” What is never heard is, “Who are these people with the yellow spine that cannot face the American people and admit their socialist agenda?

Could it be that they, as any criminal or “traitor,” cannot be held in the light of truth, for they know the honest people will not accept their goal of an all powerful government at the expense of the liberties and freedom of the people?

Remember Benjamin Franklin, “When you sacrifice freedom for security, you will end up with neither.” As for me, to find my name in the same sentence with Joe McCarthy is truly an honor indeed. When he entered government, he tried to expose the rotten apples in the barrel, which brought upon him the wrath of the socialist and communist minds.

Those same socialist and communist minds wish to expose their wrath upon me for defending our government “as it was meant to be.” Fifty years of studying our history reveals truth, whereas no study whatsoever will reveal the 30-plus percent of our population.

William Barwig