Two weeks until Holiday Gala |

Two weeks until Holiday Gala

by Ellen Caywood

There are only two weeks until the annual Holiday Gala. It is definitely not too soon to tell you about all the fantastic events going on Dec.1 at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center. First and foremost, get there early. Doors open as usual at 10 a.m., but there will be a line for the cookie walk and all the cookies will be sold before the walk closes at 1 p.m. Ladies, do not miss this opportunity to stock up on great cookies for the holidays. You all know how much time it takes to bake a couple dozen of these and a few more dozen of those, etc. Don’t waste your time or heat up the kitchen. Just buy cookies at the cookie walk and be done with it. You can take all the credit for the great cookies when the family gathers at Christmas. After all, you stood in line and bought them. Next, bring extra money to vote for the tree or trees of your choice. All throughout the main floor there will be wonderfully decorated Christmas trees. Each tree will have a sealed can next to it for you to put money in to vote. The trees with the most money will be the winners. We’ll announce them right here the minute the voting is over. Vote also for your choice of the gingerbread houses. We use the term “houses” loosely as many of the best entries have been ranches or barns or whole neighborhoods. You can vote for your choice of the best and we’ll announce that winner here as well. You still have time to enter both the Christmas tree decorating contest and the gingerbread house contest. Pick up your entry blank online at or by calling 782-2555. Enter today because voting starts in two weeks. Don’t miss having your family photo taken with Santa on the front porch of the museum. Bring the kids, the grandkids, the great-grandkids, the grand dog – whoever you can round up. Our professional photographer will take the photo and our elves will develop and print the photo while you wait. Each photo you buy will be mounted in a Christmas card suitable for sending to someone you love. Military families: If dad or mom is overseas, this could be the best present they get. In addition to all the fun and festivities at the Gala, there will be a December lecture. Thursday, Dec. 13, Bob Ellison will be speaking about the life of Judge Cradlebaugh. Bob is a long time resident of Carson Valley and the author of numerous newspaper and magazine articles and books on Nevada history. Doors open at 6:45 p.m. and the lecture starts at 7 p.m. We have heard from our melodrama writer-director, and we have learned a bit about the upcoming show. It will be titled “Take a Gamble on Nevada” or “This May Be Your Last Harrah!” (accent on the last syllable). Gambling? Nevada? Hmmm. Hopefully tickets will be on sale in plenty of time for Christmas giving. All monies donated to DCHS are 100 percent tax deductible and go to keep our doors open. The Douglas County Historical Society receives only occasional financial assistance from our county and state governments. We are here solely to preserve the history of this wonderful valley and to make sure you have the opportunity to enjoy it. If you have any questions about anything mentioned here, please call the Douglas County Historical Society at 782-2555 or visit our website at Contact Ellen Caywood by email at